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Our Story

 Robert Hughes established this company in 1978 combining both his knowledge and experience in the construction and civil engineering fields. Today this company remains steadfast on the original values and work ethics set out by Robert and is an ongoing testament as to our continued existence.

 Robert has since retired in March 1998 and now Doug Axford is the sole owner and president of Robert A. Hughes (London) Ltd.

 Our staff is a combination of Fanshawe College graduates in Civil Engineering, Construction and Architectural Technology that bring a combined wealth of experience and knowledge to our clients. Throughout the construction season we hire Fanshawe College students that are on their eight month Co-Op term and usually run up to twelve employees with our combined six full time staff.

 We offer and deliver a strong commitment of honesty, hard work and excellence given our combined experience and knowledge for the past forty years in this industry.

 Robert A. Hughes (London) Ltd. is a fully insured corporation for Errors and Omissions as well as Liability insurance and is in perfect standing with W.S.I.B.

 We are also a member of the Heavy Construction Association and have been for 40 years.

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