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Services Offered

Construction Layout

  • Subdivisions
  • Roads
  • City Streets
  • Utilities (Gas & Electrical)
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewers
  • Catch Basins
  • Watermains
  • P.D.C.’s
  • Curb and Gutter
  • Round-About
  • Bike Paths
  • Storm Management Ponds
  • Site Grading (All Stages)
  • Design Build

Pre-Engineering Surveys

  • Large Parcel Topography and Detail Surveys
  • Small Parcel Topography and Detail Surveys
  • Ulitility Information Gathering and Tie-Ins
  • Exisisting Structure Foot Print Tie-Ins
  • Water Sheds
  • Roads and Entrances
  • Existing Property Monuments
  • Existing Fences, Trees Ditches
  • Base Plan Generation in AutoCAD 3D with Contours
  • Establish a Site Geodetic Benchmark

Site Plans

  • Pre Engineering Survey
  • AutoCAD File (Civil 3D)
  • Provide Site Design
  • Provide Storm Water Management data and sewer design
  • Complete Drawing up to first Submission Stage
  • Address Red Line Issues
  • Re Submit with an Engineer’s Stamp for Final Approval
  • Provide Site Layout as well if required

***NOTE: Our specialty is smaller site plans in the London and surrounding area.

We have experience in parking lots, car washes, and fuel card lock stations.

3D Machine Control

  • Make One Field Visit for Site Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • Establish a Field Site Control Working Point for the Base Station
  • Working Point will be included in the 3D File
  • Produce a Control File
  • Produce a proposed Line Work File for all necessary Line work
  • Produce a proposed DTM File for grading
  • DTM File can include Granulars, Subgrades, Topsoil and specials
  • Produce a proposed Point File for point layout-sewers etc…
  • On-going support is Provided by us to ensure smooth work flow
  • Volumes also can be provided if required

Structural Layout

  • We will Acquire the Proposed Architectural Plans
  • We will check and confirm all proposed distances
  • The proposed building is plotted by ourselves onto the Site Plan
  • We check and confirm that all Set back Requirements are met
  • The building will then be laid out on site at desired offsets
  • Piers can also be laid out and offset as well
  • A site Bench Mark is provided
  • A Proposed Finish Floor Elevation is also Provided

Utility Layout: (Bore Plans)

  • Gather Existing Relevant Field Data
  • Produce a Cad File of Existing Conditions
  • Design a Proposed Bore Profile
  • Bore Profile will be designed according to Proper Pipe bending Radii
  • Plot final Bore Profile and complete a proposed site plan
  • Final site visit to layout proposed pipe chainages for the construction

Site Design (Design Build)

  • Usually required in Retro Fit Situations
  • We will gather relevant site data in the field
  • We will assess existing data and propose a plan on site
  • The layout will then be completed in a timely fashion
  • We will also ensure that the owner approves our plan
  • These situations are usually regarding Grading or Alignment issues

Topographical Surveys

  • Establish scope of work
  • Establish Site Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • Acquire and tie in all property monuments
  • Perform a site Topography Survey in a grid fashion
  • We also ensure that all High and Low ground points are Captured
  • Set a Site Geodetic Benchmark
  • Finally we will produce a 3D Cad Base Drawing

Quantity Surveys

  • Earth moving Volumes for Payment
  • Granular Volumes for Payment
  • Gravel Pit pile inventory surveys
  • Supply cad File with Contours and Volume Data

On Site Problem Solving

  • We have extensive experience with this
  • Usually grading design issues or existing tie in issues
  • We will assess and solve issues on site
  • We will always work in an efficient and timely manner

Airport Surveys

  • Extensive knowledge with a wide range of surveys
  • Runway Rehab layouts and Designs
  • Linage Layouts and designs
  • P.A.P.I. Layouts
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Approach Surveys
  • Tree avoidance Surveys and solutions
  • Taxi Layouts
  • Apron layouts and designs

Drone Surveys

  • We will perform Drone Surveys for many different situations
  • We always use NAD 83-Zone 17 coordinate system
  • Accuracy is: H=30mm & V=60mm
  • Gravel Pit surveys for pile inventory and supply Volumes
  • Large Parcel Topo surveys
  • Disaster surveys requiring accurate data
  • Provide all Jpeg picture Data and a 3D-CAD/ point cloud file
  • We are fully licenced and insured as per the U.A.V. Federal Laws

Control Surveys

  • Locate UTM Monuments
  • Set control points for proposed projects from these monuments
  • Control will be set to UTM NAD83 Zone 17 Coordinates
  • Control can also be set with correct geodetic Datum as well
  • Control can be provided in Grid or Ground Format

As Built Data Surveys

  • Perform site survey capturing all installed site data
  • Apply all site data onto an AutoCAD drawing
  • Show all relevant descriptions and elevations for submission

XUV Gator Surveys

  • We own a JD 600 XUV with an attached RTK-GPS Unit and Data Collector
  • This is usually used for large extensive surveys
  • We have used this for topo surveys and large wind farm layouts

AutoCAD Drawings

  • We can also provide Cad Drawings for Clients in the Civil Field
  • We follow recommended drafting standards in all situations
  • We can provide up to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 format

Wind and Solar Farms

  • We have extensive experience in this field
  • We have serviced many of these clients over the past years
  • Invenergy
  • Nextera
  • Suncor
  • Both Solar and Wind Energy
  • Includes-Towers, Roads, Electrical, Bores, Culverts and Design Build
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